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The World’s thinnest piezoceramic sensor tailored for dynamic strain measurement.



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High Sensitivity

Dragonfly® offers one of the lowest instrinsic noise on the market. A chosen and qualified packaging works as an extra shield.

On the field, this very low noise level results in both an ability to measure smaller deformations and a higher accuracy in overall monitoring.

High Dynamic Range

Dragonfly® large measurement range (amplitude) coupled with its significant bandwidth (frequency) covers a large spectrum of events.

A single sensor is enough to capture key vibration data where several sensors are usually required.

Flexible & Conformable

Dragonfly® matches curved and 3D surfaces or complex geometric shapes, widening the diversity of assets it can monitor.

Pb Free

Unlike most of the piezoelectric sensors, the lead concentration in the product is equal to zero.

Ø Drift Over Time

Dragonfly® does not inherit all aging problems that common strain sensors continuously face. Thanks to the crystalline nature of the sensing element, no drift occurs whenever the measurement is done.

Plug & Play

The sensor is provided pre-wired with an SMA coaxial standard cable that enables easy connexion with any data acquisition system.

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