Vibration sensing


Take Performance, Control, Efficiency and Potential to the next level with our Next-Gen Hardware and Solutions!

Worms designs, manufactures, and markets powerful vibration sensors and sensing solutions.





Our ambition is to disrupt existing norms, setting a new direction and moving forward new standards.




A genuine hardware breakthrough

Worms was created at CEA-Leti, a world-class technological research center, where two engineers, experts in material science, decided to turn more than 30 years of fundamental knowledge into an industrial reality.

The founding team came up with a unique process to produce high-quality 2D crystalline materials on an industrial large scale.

They applied this process to piezoceramics, a class of smart materials with remarkable properties and brought the technology to maturity through a product with unique qualities.

After 3 years of market testing, this technology has proven to be perfectly suited for vibration measurements. Today Worms’ very first product is a game-changer in the field of dynamic strain measurement.





A major shift from today’s offer in vibration monitoring

Our technology brings the first meaningful change in vibration monitoring for over 70 years.

Thanks to a piezoceramic sensing element with a totally innovative form factor, our sensors finally resolve the conflicts incurred when the opposing criteria of integration, performance, and accessibility must be met concurrently.

This breakthrough technology not only unlocks a whole category of measurements previously unattainable, but also makes all measurements accessible, systematic and applicable on a large scale.

We aim to relieve our customers from regular and unexpected concerns, enabling them make the difference in the whole data pipeline and control their operations perfectly.

Ultimately, we offer our customers the ability to evolve strategically and embrace new opportunities in the digital transformation of our industries in a context where reliability and sustainability are key.

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Our technological showcase: a first  production line


We established our production facility within sight of its scientific origins in Grenoble, France, where we invested in cutting-edge industrial equipment. Our current infrastructure ensures a production capacity of 2M sensors/year while allowing for continuous industrial innovation.

We built a solid team to handle all manufacturing operations and quality control aspects. We also brought together all the necessary skills (electronics, data treatment, IA, IoT) to offer an end-to-end support to our customers.

All this was made possible thanks to close partners, including deep tech investors, world class research centers, vibration specialised organizations etc.



They trust us