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Fit your challenge

One size does not fit all; one challenge is different from the other.

At Worms, we have the unique know-how and technology to create tailored sensing solutions that cater to your specific challenges starting from our special thin piezoceramic film developed in-house.


Design Freedom, Seamless Integration

Our experts work closely with you to develop strategies that yield the best results for your unique design and requirements. After gaining a deep understanding of your business objectives and existing systems, our team will develop a strategic integration plan that aligns our technology with your goals, ensuring a smooth transition and adoption.


Augmented reliability and performance, polyvalence and industrial scalability

Our piezoelectric component’s inherent semiconductor characteristics offer the reliability and performance required in the sharpest and finest industries. Its design allows it to sense the slightest vibration and to address the most challenging applications, where accuracy and trustworthiness are the first prerequisites.

You can homogenize and standardize your product portfolio with a single sensing technology.
Our cutting-edge hardware, powered by appropriate data treatment and AI, paves the way for manifold applications and diversifies your capabilities and functionalities.

Our process scales up easily for mass production while complying with small quantities. We can provide full support to directly assimilate our technology and process on your production lines, regardless of the amount needed.


Gain Business agility with our adaptive solution!

The result is a taylored best-in-class solution with the ability to evolve with your needs and expectations.




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