Values that sustain our culture

Beautiful Science


We believe in Science and its transformative power to tackle and solve our most critical challenges. Science is the language that unlocks massive opportunities and transforms industries and societies for the better.

Passionate Humans


The beauty of Science needs passion, humbleness, and patience to thrive. We are an ambitious team of hardworking individuals driven to make it flourish from lab to market and to change the world.

Powerful Solutions


We are doers. We look for research findings that change our fundamental understanding of the world and apply them to craft solutions that revolutionize the processes, materials, or components that built it.

Profound Impacts


We bring and seize the opportunity to reshape some of our most complex industries for the better, a chance to make this change on behalf of future generations. The convergence of beautiful science, breakthrough technology, and passionate people can make it happens.

Meet the team


Worms gathering in their natural habitat | Credits: Wormsensing

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Our playground

A science park called Grenoble


Worms was born within an academic and technology cluster, where many cutting-edge industries came to create strong ties with scientists to accelerate their development.
We evolve within this unique ecosystem, surrounded by trusted partners, infused and believing in the power of Science, just as we do.


They support us to make it happen